About us

About Us

United Cargo started a long time ago and was initialy known as “DDL” (yes, if you want to know its full name, you’ll have to ask me 😜).

Unfortunately time wasn’t in our favor and so our founder and board had to step up and set the VTC aside until another oppertunity would show up. Fortunately it did but without luck.

At one point United Cargo managed to partner up with a great DJ, which was a very grateful oppertunity and for that we’ve managed to give back to the truckers by organizing DLC keys giveaways and sort like events. This lasted for a good while till time stroke us apart yet again.

Now, approximately 1,5 year ago we are back at it again and stronger than ever before! We are here for you and are experienced throughout the paste and want to give you a long lasting warm and welcome feeling when you think about trucking and communities/VTC’s!



Are we there yet? No we are not but that’s fine, we don’t want to rush anything and don’t strive to be the biggest VTC just for the sake of oppertunism and egoism. But we do like to have you with us if you’re as good a trucker that you think you are!


We can’t wait to welcome you to our team so feel free to send an email to info@united-cargo.net, or register an account at our website and send a message to Bob de sparerib.

Meet our Team



Bob de sparerib
Bob de sparerib